Lake Godstone™ has an observatory at the sports field complex and behind the Sports Field House Cabin. To open the observatory, you will need a key available from the Ranch Host. Once the door is open, lift up on the hinged roof on the south side of the dome and move the half-roof panel towards the rear of the observatory where it will rest in an open position. Do not attempt to use the telescope until you have thoroughly read the instructions below.

Lake Godstone Observatory with Telescope
Lake Godstone Observatory with Telescope

The Celestron Telescope is in Hibernate Mode..... locate the power on button. (see "10" in photo above)

Once the telescope is powered on again the display will read Wake Up. Press ENTER to wake up the telescope. Do not use the direction buttons to move the telescope while in hibernate mode.

Hibernate allows the NexStar to be completely powered down and still retain its alignment when turned back on. To place your telescope in Hibernate mode:

1. Select Hibernate from the Utility Menu.

2. Move the telescope to a desire position and press ENTER.

3. Power off the telescope.

Finding Planets (do not attempt to locate other sky objects unless you are familiar with the Celestron Telescope and have experience with it).

The NexStar can locate all 8 of our solar systems planets plus the Sun and Moon. However, the hand control will only display the solar system objects that are above the horizon (or within its filter limits). To locate the planets, press the PLANET key on the hand control. The hand control will display all solar system objects that are above the horizon:

• Use the Up and Down keys to select the planet that you wish to observe.

• Press ENTER to go to the displayed planet