RV Campsites at Lake Godstone ™ near Graford, Texas.  All of our campsites and Group Campgrounds will accommodate an RV but many are limited as to the size and available power. The six secluded tent-sites all have a 20 and 30 amp connection and water but the auto drive-through on each of them is hilly and wooded so only very small popups can be accommodated. However, they are large tent-sites and all can handle two small popups or two large tents each. Our Refuge group campground can handle any large RV unit or motor home but only two 30 amp connections are available. Our Top of Dam Group campground has two 30 camp connections but because of the steep entranceway the maximum length of RV is about 24 feet. Our Overlook Tentsite has a tremendous view with power and water but it is tiny and can handle only small tents. Each Group Campground has a Portapotty and the Comfort Station with toilets and showers less than 5 min walk away or a short drive to the main campsite area. We do have an RV Sewage Dump Station on site and there are also limited amounts of other pads for RV units. Here is a breakdown of available RV pads and links to our RV booking pages.

Guest Home Carport - 30 amp and water
Wilderness Roost Cabin
- 20 amp, water and sewer
Panorama campsite
- 20, 30 and 50 amp and water
Refuge Group Campground
- 2-20 amp, 2-30 amp, 2 water
Top of Dam Group Campground
- 2-20 amp, 2-30 amp and 2 water

Serenity RV Campsite - is provided complete with a 20 foot RV fully connected to power, water and sewer.

Tentsites 11-16 - 20 and 30 amp and water